A great vacation in Dubai!

An unforgettable trip to Dubai!
Have you ever considered visiting this metropolis? The article below contains various information and tips for a unique holiday.

Where is Dubai?

The city is located in the middle of the desert in 1 of the 7 Emirates that together form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). From most airports it is approximately 6.5 hours to fly to this main city of the Emirate. The best travel time to visit this metropolis is from November to April. The other months are actually too hot. The Emirate is known for its sunny and hot weather. Even in winter during the coolest months it is often 21 degrees. Lovers of city trips will enjoy themselves, as well as sun worshipers.

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Ibis Deira City Centre

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OYO 130 Phoenix Hotel

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Sights in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

A list of tourist attractions should not miss a visit to this tallest skyscraper in the world. With its 160 floors, this skyscraper is no less than 828 meters high. For comparison, this is twice as high as the Eiffel Tower. This place of interest is located right next to the largest shopping mall in the world and next to the world famous fountains. A ticket to visit the tower is quite pricey, around sixty euros. It can be useful and cheaper to book your ticket online in advance. It costs a bit, but it is definitely worth it. An unforgettable experience!

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is right next to the Burj Khalifa. At this holiday address everything is bigger than big. You can see that in the skyscraper, but also in this huge shopping center. No fewer than 1200 stores can be found here. You can also visit a gigantic aquarium here or go skating on the indoor ice rink. From the ground floor you can admire a number of fish from the aquarium for free, there is a huge glass wall. If you want to see more, you have to buy a ticket. You can easily spend the entire day in this gigantic shopping mall.

Fountain show

In addition to the above attractions are the fountains. Every evening from six o’clock you can enjoy the world’s largest fountain show every half hour. The fountains spew their water no less than 275 meters high. This is extremely high, but when you look at it, it does not seem that high at all. That is because all the buildings around it are so gigantic. The fountains dance to world-famous songs by famous pop artists. If you want to be assured of a good place, it is wise to visit the show during the week instead of during the weekend. After the show, many visitors walk away. If you then stand in front at the railing, you are assured of the very best view at the next show!

Madinat Jumeirah

The Madinat Jumeirah is the largest five-star resort in the Emirate. Impressive to see with your own eyes. Even if you are not staying here, you can just walk in and have a drink. It is designed as a traditional Arabic village and you can marvel at the impressive architecture and the beautiful view.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island made in the shape of a palm tree. By constructing this island, the coastline has doubled. It seems to be one of the best resorts in the world. Also pay a visit to the boulevard. This is an absolute hotspot. You will see street painters, entertainment, comedy shows and even sand sculptures. There are many restaurants and bars on the walk.

Burj al Arab

The Burj al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world and that already indicates that it is worth going here. The hotel is built in the shape of an Arab sailing ship and a major tourist attraction. Of course you do not just enter this expensive hotel. If you are not staying there as a guest, you can still come in by booking a lunch or high tea, for example. It is highly recommended to admire the super-luxurious interior!

Aquaventure water park

You guessed it, this is the largest water park in the Middle East and you can slide down the largest slide in the world. A visit to this park makes for a fantastic trip! You and your family will enjoy a day full of water fun. Besides spectacular slides and water attractions, this park has something unique. You can slide off the Ziggurat if you dare. A slide of more than 61 meters in length, where you will go through a glass tunnel through a shark basin for the last part! Unforgettable to go so close to real sharks.

The Spice Souk

The spice market in the old part of the city is a popular tourist attraction. You can buy the tastiest spices and herbs here. It is a true scent sensation to walk on the souk.

The creek

This river divides the city into two parts. There are more than 150 water taxis that sail back and forth here. These wooden boats are called abras. Approximately 20 people fit in the motorized boats and they are in use day and night. It is not expensive to be transported to the other side. Because the boats sail 24/7, it is recommended to view the illuminated city from a different perspective in the evening. The beautifully lit buildings are a feast for the eyes!

The big mosque

The largest mosque with the highest minaret is especially recommended in the evening to view. It is then spectacularly lit. Non-believers are not allowed in. But you can shoot beautiful pictures of this impressive structure in the evening.

Pier 7

From this pier you have a phenomenal view of all illuminated buildings in the evening. It is nice to stroll around the pier and look around at the many shops and restaurants. The pier is in the middle of the Marina, the marina is surrounded by impressive buildings and beautiful yachts. There are many options for booking a boat trip from here.

Go ski

It’s already special to ski in a city in the middle of the desert. In this city it’s all about big, bigger, biggest. You will therefore find the only black indoor ski slope in the world here. All materials are available for rent, so you don’t have to bring winter coats and skis from home. There are slopes for all levels and there is also a large fun park with penguins.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have a good idea of what there is to do in this popular city. A visit to Dubai guarantees a great holiday!

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