The do’s en dont’s in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic country and follows a tolerant version of Sharia law.

Respect this and you will have a wonderful stay in the Emirates, you will sooner meet the locals and explore Dubai. Insulting residents of Dubai with your behavior can have serious consequences, from fines to imprisonment.

Take taxis directly from hotels to night clubs.

Public drunkenness is a crime in Dubai that can give you a fine or even put you in jail. Pay attention to how you behave: only one local resident is required to report because you are openly drunk to put you in serious trouble.

If you visit someone at home, take off your shoes

If you are invited to a Dubai resident’s home, leave your shoes at the door and don’t show your soles.

Be careful when crossing roads.

Driving a car at high speeds is not unusual in Dubai. Take extra care when crossing the streets and always do so in a designated area to avoid accidents.

Dress respectfully.

For women, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing and skirts that are at least knee-high. Men must wear pants and shirts with long sleeves. You will see visitors to Dubai wearing tight and revealing clothing, and although it is rarely punished, it will be able to provoke resistance from the people of Dubai.

Note the local opening and closing times.

The weekend in Dubai is on Friday and Saturday, and Friday is the equivalent of Sunday in the West. Most shops and places to go out are often closed for at least part of the day, so check before your visit.

Affection in public.

Holding hands is not a problem, but anything more than this will soon be a violation and may offend Dubai residents. Also staying in the same hotel room as someone of the opposite sex with whom you are not married (unless a parent or child) can lead to an arrest

Respect to the women in Dubai

Only shake a woman’s hand when she first offers her hand and certainly not take photos without her direct permission.

Avoid all drugs.

Smuggling drugs in the country, using them or even being in the company of people who use illegal drugs can lead to very long prison sentences. Be warned!

Avoid eating or drinking in public during Ramadan.

During the holy month of Ramadan, eating or drinking in public before sunset is not allowed, so eat in your accommodation or choose one of the cafes or restaurants that remain open during this time – they blind the windows and adhere to the right etiquette



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