The best time to travel to Dubai

Climate and weather Dubai

The climate is subtropical, warm and dry. The sun is guaranteed all year round.

In the summer Dubai is like a hot oven, the heat sears and is stifling, partly because of the humidity due to the evaporation of water from the Gulf, temperatures in the middle of the day up to 50 ° C are to be expected. A strong wind, called “shammal”, blows regularly during the summer months, which can cause dense sandstorms.

When to go to Dubai?

The best time to enjoy a vacation to Dubai is from November to the end of April. During the day the temperatures are particularly pleasant with an average 24-25 ° C.
However, small showers can occur in the winter, but they are very rare and irregular.

What should you bring to Dubai?

Summer clothing is recommended, but light sweaters and jackets can be useful in the winter, especially in the evenings or in air-conditioned environments.

Do not forget your sunglasses, hat and sun protection with a high protection index, because the sun is very strong during the day. It is wise to cover your head when it is exposed to the full sun.

Also keep in mind that, although fairly liberal, the Emirate of Dubai remains a country where Muslim tradition is decisive. For women, necklines and short dresses and shorts should be avoided.

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